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Blogging time!

This place hasn't been updated in looooong, and the last post is pretty depressing, isn't it? XD Well, it was the result of me reading every single secret in the lolita secrets community (yes, I started at post number one and read from there). I don't even know why I DO that to myself, since it threw me out of my interest for two months before I got the kick to start dressing in lolita again. XD; Gee, I feel pathethic. But now it doesn't matter to me anymore and that's awesome! 8D Sure, I still read the secrets, but it doesn't get to me as it did when I read all of them in one go.

But anyway!! I probably won't be writing much more on my livejournal here. Peeerhaps I'll write when it comes to personal stuff, but everything lolita related will be posted over at my blog, The Random Lolita. I don't think this is the best place to talk about this blog, since no one follow my LJ anyway, buuuuut better safe then sorry 8D Now I'm gonna clean my room so I finally can start on the 10/7 challenge and take outfit shots in a pretty decent looking environment. XD

Toodles! o3o


The Law of Jante

The Law of Jante

1. You shall not believe that you are somebody.
2. You shall not believe that you are as worthy as us.
3. You shall not believe that you are any wiser than us.
4. You shall not imagine that you are any better than us.
5. You shall not believe that you know anything more than us.
6. You shall not believe that you are more than us.
7. You shall not believe that you are good at anything.
8. You shall not laugh at us.
9. You shall not believe that anyone cares about you!
10. You shall not believe that you can teach us anything!

Here in Norway we all know about Janteloven by Aksel Sandemose. We have all grown up learning about this in schools. We have been taught how this is wrong and how important it is that we learn from what the law says and treat other people with respect.

This law is something everyone knows about. They might not think about it, but if you mention it to someone here, they will know what it is. They will also turn weirdly quiet if they know they have followed one or more of these laws. I know it sounds weird, but they instantly realize what they have done and said and if they truly are a good person, they will appologize.

Where I come from we have also dubbed the title of this law as "Jenteloven" (The Law of the Girls) instead. Because, regretfully, the girls are usually the ones who follow these rules. So for some reason it does not strike me as weird that a fashion community that consists of 98% girls have so much drama.

I won't tell you lolita girls who likes this drama to stop, because it won't anyway. Not that it matters. Everyone has their own opinion on everything, so there can't really be a wrong or right. All I know is that I will continue to treat everyone with respect.

Peace out.

LondonsGate Review

Today I received a package from the Etsy store LondonsGate! I was so excited when I saw it in my mail box, which is pretty weird since I usually don't get this excited over just a small thing. What I bought from them was a handcrafted necklace. Since I just recently started to get seriously into lolita, I also realized it was about time for me to invest in some jewelry too. After all, a proper coordinate is nothing without jewelries and proper accesories.

As I recently discovered I have a weakness for black roses, I immidiatly fell for this necklace when I saw it. It cost me 34USD, shipping included and it was most definatly worth it too! It was shipped right after the weekend I bought it, and it arrived today. I didn't have any issues to sort out with the seller so the communication was minimal. This doesn't bother me though. Usually a silent transaction is a pleasant transaction to me.

It arrived in a paper envelope that was filled with styrofoam pellets. Inside was a little white box wrapped in bubblewrap to make sure the necklace wouldn't receive any damage from the trip from England to Norway. The box was tied up with a pretty little bow, and added with was their business card. As I just noticed now, when I turned it, they had also hand written a little thank you note to me on the back of it. Such small things always make me happy! 


I opened the box and saw the necklace in its full glory. It's even more beautiful in real life then it is on the screen, and the quality is... Awesome. To use the word in its right sense. I can't wait to receive a proper blouse so I can coordinate this into an outfit. Luckily for me, though, I already have two sets of matching earrings! 


Overall, I would just like to say that if all of LondonsGate's items are as wonderful and have as good quality as this... I will definatly buy from them again! Their items are absolutely gorgeous!


A little headshot of me (yeay! Bathroom shot!) with the necklace, a set of earrings and a black rose headdress from Innocent World. I love it all! Blouse is from F+F if anyone wonder, but it's too large over the shoulders, and too small over the bust and waist...

My little story about Innocent World

Once upon a time, a month ago or so, I saw a beautiful dress on the Innocent World website. It was the Pictor Jumperskirt in the colour Café au Lait! I fell instantly for it, but as soon as I fell for it a thought passed my mind... The same thought that always pass my mind when I find a dress I love. "Will it fit? 8'( " My guess was "No, it won't...", but just for fun I decided to check out the measurements on this dress.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw that the bust measured from 89cm to 107 cm. "It will fit!!" I exclaimed happily, and it did not take long until that month's scholarship money was spent on that dress and some few other accessory items. I waited in excitement for the package. I thought of how many wonderful coords I would be able to put together with the jumperskirt. How I could wear it on casual days, and how I could dress it up for special occations!

Then, some weeks later I finally got the package in the mail. I unpacked the accesories (they were gorgeous..!) and finally I unpacked the dress. Very happy to finally have it in my hands I hugged it and studied the details in the fabric and the wonderful subtle lace. Then I thought it was about time to try it on... But it would not fit. There wasn't even a question about it. As soon as I got it over my head I realized it was a lost cause. Sad and a little angry I picked up my measuring tape to see what the size of the dress really was (and to make sure it was not only me since a friend playfully commented "you've grown!! 8D" (yes, he was bricked.)).

Realization and disappointment washed over me as the measuring tape showed that the bust measurement of the dress was 80cm while the waist measurement was 75cm. In the beginning I was not sure of what to do, but as another friend adviced me to, I sent a mail to Innocent World informing them of the situation and the wrong information on the site. I was afraid all of this would be pushed right back at me, that it was my own fault for purchasing a dress like that. But after the weekend had passed I did get a reply from them.

They sincerely appologized for the fault in their website. They also suggested that I could ship the dress back to them for either a refund or to replace with another item from their shop. As I now currently was drooling all over a wintercoat from another brand, I kindly asked for a refund and they would do it gladly. They also asked me to tell them the shipping costs for shipping it back to them, so they also could refund that.

This all makes me very happy! =D As I have heard some stories of other lolitas having problems with brand customer service. Now I can happily say that Innocent World still has not disappointed me when it comes to their international service! I am also a little proud to say that they now have changed the measurements on the listing of the dress to the more appropriate sizes and that it is all because of me... *giggles* ^.^


As my first inquery I must say this one went very well! =3

And as I will my have my dress refunded I have decided to use the money I get back from that, and the money I'm selling my Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK to buy a new winter coat. I already have a winter coat, but I've had that for 5 years now and it has become too big for me! =O So that's why I'm investing in a new one! Namely the Violin Rose coat and cape from KidsYoYo!

I really love it's design, and the fact it is tailor made for you makes it even better! =D I just hope I will get my refund before the 1st of october so I can preorder it! So... Over and out from me ^.^

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